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Savoir vivre - the film of espace Solothurn

Is it possible to talk about Solothurn, the city and the region, to a newcomer without getting enthusiastic? Is there any way to describe the unique French charm this cosmopolitan city of ambassadors has exuded since the baroque era in an even-tempered manner? It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and we believe the images contained herein go a long way towards describing the indescribable.

The film takes us to a journey through the four seasons of the city and its surrounding area, its art and culture, and makes it very clear that Solothurn, with its recreational opportunities and high quality of live, is also a rich marketplace and vital economic center.
Living, playing, working - espace Solothurn radiates city flair and country charm, as well as tradition, history and innovation. In the end, though, it is mainly characterised by the people who live here, who realise their ideas and dreams here: Wellcome to espace Solothurn!

You can buy an extended version of the film (16 minutes) on DVD at Region Solothurn Tourismus for CHF 8.00.

cover of DVD
Savoir vivre - 365 days of quality living